VAULT GoWork was designed to make workflows easier in any industry. This affordable, cable-free charging solution keeps devices ready to work when you are. It’s that easy.

Explore these 5 ways VAULT GoWork can improve your workflow:

1. Fast Cable-Free Device Charging

Charging cables can create an unorganized mess that technically work but isn’t efficient. And 30% of cables are lost or broken in the first year.

Go from traditional cable charging ‘that works’ to cable-free charging with GoWork. When you switch to GoWork, you’re switching to an organized, affordable cable-free solution. Using VAULT’s patented cable-free adapter, cases slide directly into the dock and seamlessly charge iPhone and iPad devices. It’s a clean, compact way to keep your devices charged and give them a home at the end of the day.

2. Keep Devices Working with Rugged Cases

Broken devices can’t be charged. Confidently use your devices on-the-go when they’re enclosed with VAULT GoWork cases. The cases are designed to MIL-STD-810 standards and protect devices from up to 6-foot drops.

Our cases are custom molded to work with iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and iPad 10 Gen.

3. Grab and Go Design to Save Time

Whether you’re selling hamburgers, running a hospital or managing a busy warehouse, saving time is good for business. Stop wasting time dealing with cables and cords. Seamlessly charge your devices in the charging dock, which holds up to 5 devices at a time.

Devices slide in and out of the dock with ease thanks to the patented cable-free adapters. And you’ll stop questioning whether devices are being charged properly. VAULT Highlight automatically displays a light notification for at-a-glance status updates.

4. Save Money on Replacement Cables

30% of charging cables are lost or broken in the first year. And when that happens, your device isn’t in use. GoWork helps save you time and money spent on replacement cables.

Worried about the cost of cable-free solutions? VAULT GoWork is designed to be an affordable option that helps you get rid of cables for good. It costs under $100 per bay. Save money, save time and simplify your workflow, that’s how GoWork helps you run your business easier.

5. Looking Ahead: Designed for Tap to Pay

Tap to Pay is the future of accepting payments with iPhone devices. If you’re accepting payments tableside or on a showroom floor, your devices need to be protected. VAULT GoWork allows you to safely and confidently accept payments from anywhere. By charging and then protecting your devices, this innovative solution is designed to support Tap to Pay.

Ready to learn more? We’re here to help! Visit our VAULT GoWork landing page below or get your VAULT GoWork today.