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Accept payments from anywhere

Mobile Point of Sale
(mPOS) Solutions 

VAULT solutions transform devices into mPOS. 
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VAULT mPOS Solutions 

VAULT solutions accept payment, plus deliver power and protection to devices. 


Accept payment from anywhere with our mPOS solutions. 


Reliable cable-free charging means ditching unorganized charging cables for good. 


Rugged cases protect from drops to extend the life of your devices. 
accept payments anywhere

Simplify Your Workflow to Increase Profits 

Our mPOS solutions are the most versatile available. Compatible with up to 12 credit card readers! 
Accept payments from on the floor, at a table, behind a counter and anywhere in between.
Our mobile point of sale solutions are designed to work with various Apple, Google and Lenovo devices. 
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Increase profits 

VAULT Connect System

Turn your device to mPOS tool that also offers a back-up battery and rugged case protection. Save money and time with the VAULT Connect System. 

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enhance your business

Simplify Payment Options

Mobile POS cases that adapt to your business needs
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Before VAULT

Limited Transaction Options
Inefficient Transaction Processes
Unprotected Device 
Missed Sales Insights


Unlimited Transaction Options
Streamlined Transactions
Rugged Case Protection
Valuable Business Insights

The industry’s broadest range of supported payment readers.

Accept payment with the largest portfolio of industry supported readers. Our solutions make accepting payments simple and easily integrates into your existing payment reader system. 

Shop our mPOS solutions to meet your customers where they are. 

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VAULT powers your workforce

Transform the way you do business