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VAULT understands work doesn't always happen behind a counter. We design and manufacture affordable solutions to improve any workflow.

Our aim is to be a helpful partner who provides the best service possible. 

VAULT Benefits

How VAULT solutions transform businesses: 


Our products offer cable-free charging for fast, efficient charging without the hassle of cables. 


Our rugged cases protect devices to keep them working. 


Our mPOS tools allow for accepting payments from anywhere.

who is vault? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are VAULT headquarters? 

VAULT headquarters are located in High Point, North Caralina. We also have remote team members across the world. 

Who is VAULT? 

VAULT is proudly under the Pioneer Square Brands umbrella, along with Brenthaven and Gumdrop. VAULT helps companies solve problems and run more efficiently. We offer affordable solutions that improve customer experience across industries. 

Our solutions include cable-free charging, mobile point of sale, rugged case protection and more. 

What industries does VAULT support?

Our cable-free charging and mPOS solutions are currently used in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and various other industries. 

How do I purchase VAULT products?

VAULT products can be purchased through our website or our resellers. Our resellers include: Apogee, CDW, Zones, SHI, Insight, Apple, Stratix and Connection. 

Do VAULT products have a warranty? 

Yes, all VAULT products are backed by warranties, from 1-year to lifetime warranties. 

BEFORE and after Vault

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Before VAULT

Limited Payment Options
Inefficient Transaction Processes
Increased Security Risks
Missed Sales Insights


Diverse Payment Acceptance
Streamlined Transactions
Streamlined Transactions
Valuable Business Insights

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homepage--connectVAULT Connect

Mobile point of sale cases that meet customers where they are.

homepage--proVAULT Pro

Fixed point of sale solutions customizable for your business.

GoWork Power5 Charging StationVAULT GoWork

Sleek, affordable cable-free charging and rugged case protection. 

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