NRF 2024, known as “Retail’s Big Show,” was held in January. Companies from Google to Georgia Pacific met in New York City to share the latest in retail innovations.

VAULT joined NRF to interact with retail leaders and introduce them to our latest mobile point of sale product: VAULT Connect, with compatibility to Google Pixel coming soon. The Connect is a reliable protective case and cable-free charger that’s compatible with an unprecedented 12 card readers. It protects and charges devices and allows retailers to take payments from anywhere.

VAULT wasn’t the only company showcasing the VAULT Connect. Thousands of conference-goers came across VAULT Connect at the prominent Google booth. Google utilized multiple VAULT products to protect their popular Google Pixel Tablet as attendees explored its features.

VAULT Connect Protective Case

When using the Google Pixel for VAULT Connect, a case and hardware are required. At NRF, Google trusted VAULT Connect cases to protect their products against drops, bumps, transport into and out of the Google booth.

Learn more about our versatile VAULT Connect, with the Google Pixel Tablet option!

VAULT Connect Charging Bay

Google couldn’t share all the Pixel features if it wasn’t charged and ready to go. That’s where the VAULT patented cable-free charger came into play. The charging bay charged multiple Pixel devices at the same time.

Our exclusive charging bay offers charging for up to four devices and a compact, cable-free design. Learn more about our VAULT Connect Charging Bay.

VAULT Pro Stand

To display how companies can use their Pixel; Google placed a variety of Pixels on VAULT Pro Stands in their booth. The Pro Stand secures devices in a fixed location for efficient, simple use.

Stable and reliable, the Pro Stand is used by retail, hotels, restaurants, and various other industries. Easily flip the screen around for quick customer management and mount it to the counter, wall, or floor—anywhere you need it! Learn more about our popular VAULT Pro Stand Kit.

Unveiling the Power of VAULT: Google Showcases VAULT Connect at NRF
Unveiling the Power of VAULT: Google Showcases VAULT Connect at NRF 12
Unveiling the Power of VAULT: Google Showcases Connect at NRF 3


Using VAULT’s reliable, protective Connect case, Google kept their precious technology secure throughout a successful NRF event.

Offering companies the peace of mind to know their products will work? That’s just what we do.

Learn more about VAULT products or reach out to us for a quick informational call.