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VAULT + Lenovo

VAULT gives your company versatility where it’s needed most with the ability to transform
Lenovo Android tablets into enterprise business tools. Integrate third party payment devices to
offer your customers a seamless checkout experience.

Amplified Power Together

Connecting your retail business with
greater customer experience

Reach new levels of efficiency and productivity through VAULT and Lenovo.
Packed with powerful possibilities, CONNECT-M and CONNECT-S series pair Lenovo Tab M8 and K10
with an all-in-one enclosure line from VAULT that meets all of your mobile and stationary
business needs. And you can get them up and running in no time, configured with
Lenovo’s Commercial Customization System (CCS).

Accelerate Service

Customer Experience

Whether your guests are dining in or picking up, maximizing business operations requires a smooth customer experience. Line busting capabilities—making it easy for tablets to take orders—allow staff to satisfy requests faster. Creating this seamless experience can help drive repeat business and increase sales.


Optimize Operations

Productivity & Efficiency

Help your business eliminate downtime and streamline the workday using Lenovo devices with robust safety and security capabilities. And with the devices’ fast and powerful quad-core processors, your employees can reach higher levels of efficiency.

Energize Your Business

Power that Lasts

To support every sale, sometimes a screen must remain on for an entire day. Stack power on top of power with VAULT’s built-in battery pack and Lenovo tablets long-lasting battery life that can energize your device and business for hours on end—ensuring fewer interruptions.


Streamline Tablet Setup

Tech Tools to Heighten Productivity

Tablet configuration, especially when done in bulk, doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With the right partner, like Lenovo—matching software configuration with effective devices—you can reduce deployment times, improve workforce efficiency, and enhance overall user experience. When used to configure powerful devices like Lenovo Tab M8 and K10, this combination simplifies your workday and maximizes time and productivity.

Select the Right Device

VAULT and Lenovo offer powerful hardware solutions designed to meet the demands of your stationary and mobile device uses—through CONNECT-M (Mobile) and CONNECT-S (Stationary) Series. Choose from an 8” or 10” Lenovo Tablet.
homepage--connectLenovo Tab M8


Bring flexibility to your business with Lenovo Tab M8 which combines the capabilities of a traditional computer with the portability of a tablet—making it the perfect device to meet your mobile and stationary needs.

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homepage--proLenovo Tab K10


Bring your operations to the next level with the ultimate stationary business device. Lenovo Tab K10 shows off its clear image display on a 10.3” FHD touchscreen.

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homepage--simplicityVAULT CONNECT-M

Lenovo Tab M8 and K10

Compatible with Lenovo Tab M8 and K10, CONNECT-M can help you serve more customers and quickly convert wait times into revenue.

homepage--simplicityVAULT CONNECT-S

Lenovo Tab K10

Connect-S protects and harnesses the power of Lenovo Tab K10. Plus, the premium metal construction with integrated modular payments system offers the flexibility to choose from popular payment devices.

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What is it? Why use it?

Commercial Customization System Offers:

  • One-time customized software image
  • Secure cloud-based solution
  • 30+ device setting customization options

Commercial Customization System (CCS) is a tool designed to streamline the configuration process of tablet systems and functions, making it easier to help provision devices with features like Custom Boot Animation, Preloaded Apps, and Boot on Charge. It quickly compiles everything into a simple QR code. Because you have amazing new tablets with powerful enclosures. Why not get them up and running as soon as possible?


Effortless Tablet Setup

Lenovo CCS in 6 Steps

  1. Purchase tablets for your store from your Commercial Lenovo Sales Team
  2. Choose the configurations that suit you and send it back
  3. Receive QR code with your new set of tablets
  4. Scan the QR code to quickly configure the devices
  5. Request your customized CCS template
  6. Sit back while Lenovo CCS configures customization into a QR code
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