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VAULT Connect for Chick-fil-A

The only kiosk charging stand that easily connects your iPad to a display monitor.

Effortlessly move from the restaurant floor to the drive-thru and then an office, connecting your iPad to a keyboard, mouse, HDMI display and more.

Rugged Cases

Protect your devices from drops up to 6 feet and other day-to-day bumps or scratches.

Cable-Free Charging

Eliminate cumbersome charging cables and charge device directly on its stand.

Seamless Customer Experience

Effortlessly move from behind the counter to on the floor or in the drive-thru line.

Build Customer Trust

Put customers in the driver’s seat. Display their iPad selections on a monitor for a transparent and engaging customer experience.

Take orders from anywehere

VAULT Connect System 

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Technical Specifications

  • Charging Ports: USB-C & MagPower 2.0
  • Drop Rating: 6-foot TechShell Certified
  • Supports: HDMI and Ethernet
Tech Specs

Quick Guide to Installation Instructions

Refer to the quick start instructions for installation in 5-minutes or less.

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