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Connect System iPad Shoulder Strap



Product Features

Introducing the Connect System Shoulder Strap, an essential accessory for iPad users who are always on the move. This iPad shoulder strap is designed for durability and comfort, made from high-quality nylon and neoprene. It’s perfect for securely carrying your tablet, whether you’re in the office or out in the field. The strap’s ergonomic design ensures that your iPad is always within reach and ready for use. Its adjustable length and lightweight construction make it an ideal choice for professionals who need a reliable and comfortable tablet carrying solution

VAULT’s shoulder strap is a perfect accessory when using our tablet enclosures in Mobile applications. Constructed in durable yet comfortable Neoprene & Nylon. Pairing the VAULT shoulder strap with any of our Connect System Cases will provide the user with a safe, secure and comfortable way to hold, carry and operate their tablet.

• Durable nylon & neoprene construction
• Geared to enhance the mobile experience
• Custom branding options are available

Dimensions: 55″ X 3.0″ X 0.50″

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