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Product Features

This Multi-Cell Phone Charging Station for 6 Phones is designed for use as part of the Connect System. Use the Connect System cases to protect devices while you work, then slide them into this multi-cell phone charger for fast, reliable cable-free charging.

This multi-cell phone charging station offers:

Unified Charging
Gone are the days of plugging in each device individually at the end of the night. Charge 6 iPhones onboard the Connect System charging station through a single exterior port.

LED Power Status
Each bay within the charging station comes with its own dedicated LED power status indicator. Know exactly where each device is in the charging process with a quick glance.

Drop-In Design
Cable-free is key. Simply find an open bay and place the Connect System case in to begin charging. The built-in 200W power supply will immediately begin pumping power to the device.

In conjunction with Connect System cases, you can rely on this multi-cell phone charging station for fast, reliable cable-free charging. It’s an ideal solution for any industry.

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