Do ISVs have hardware partners? The short answer is yes, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) often have hardware partners. These partnerships can be mutually beneficial and enhance the solutions offered to customers. Here’s how these relationships typically work: 

  1. Optimized Performance: ISVs collaborate with hardware vendors to ensure their software is optimized for specific hardware configurations. This can lead to improved performance and reliability, providing end-users with a better experience. In short, customers are happier when there’s hardware to support software.
  1. Certification and Validation: Hardware vendors often certify software from ISVs to run on their devices. This validation gives customers confidence that the software will work seamlessly with the hardware, reducing compatibility issues. 
  1. Bundled Solutions: ISVs and hardware partners may create bundled solutions, offering both software and hardware as a package. This can simplify purchasing and deployment for customers, providing a turnkey solution. 
  1. Co-Marketing and Co-Selling: Partnerships can involve co-marketing efforts, where both parties promote each other’s products. Co-selling can also occur, where sales teams from both companies collaborate to offer a comprehensive solution to customers. 
  1. Technical Support and Services: Collaborations can extend to technical support and services. Hardware vendors may provide specialized support for the ISV’s software, ensuring customers receive comprehensive assistance. 

Examples of ISV and hardware partnerships include: 

  • VAULT and Lightspeed: We work with various ISVs and can be found in bars, restaurants, hotels and more across the country. We are partnering with Lightspeed to get their software in retail stores and restaurants across the country. Our solutions mount and protect the iPads their software is housed on. 
  • Microsoft and Dell: Microsoft works with Dell to ensure Windows software runs optimally on Dell hardware. They often collaborate on enterprise solutions and cloud services. 
  • Autodesk and HP: Autodesk partners with HP to certify that its design and engineering software runs effectively on HP workstations, providing a reliable platform for professionals. 
  • VMware and Cisco: VMware’s virtualization software is often paired with Cisco’s networking and server hardware, creating robust virtualization solutions for data centers. 

These partnerships help ISVs and hardware vendors enhance their offerings, improve customer satisfaction and stay competitive in the market. Now that you know ISVs have hardware partners, be sure to review the ISV best practices for integrating a hardware partner.

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