VAULT’s Dedication to Exceptional POS System Customer Service

It was 5:30 am on the Friday before Mother’s Day, and our Technical Services Lead, Donald, was already boarding a flight to Nashville, TN. The bustling city was anticipating a surge of last-minute shoppers, and a leather boot and apparel retailer in downtown Nashville sought our assistance with the installation of their new Connect Cases (iPad POS system protection) and Multi Tablet Charging Station. Donald was determined to provide exceptional support to ensure a seamless experience for our valued customer.

This customer relies on this system to operate their business and take payments. Unlike some of the largest POS vendors, who only provide support over the phone, we knew how vital it was to get this back online for them. We’re dedicated to providing the best POS systems for large and small businesses, so we know our customer support needs to be exceptional as well.

Arriving promptly at 8:30 am, Donald wasted no time and began the installation process. Equipped with four hand tested Connect Cases and our reliable Multi Tablet Charging Station, everything went according to plan, and the installation was completed seamlessly by lunchtime.

However, as the day progressed, two of the newly installed units unexpectedly stopped charging, turning the simple installation into a troubleshooting challenge. Undeterred, Donald immediately engaged our lead engineer and the location’s IT personnel to find a resolution. His dedication to solving the problem was unwavering. Donald worked diligently, devising a plan to get the customer through the busy Mother’s Day weekend while ensuring further investigation when he returned home.

After thorough investigation, it was revealed that the issue lay in the iOS firmware. Although it took some time and an upgrade to iOS 16.5, Donald’s efforts ultimately resolved the problem. It is worth noting that the firmware update was not released until more than a week after Donald’s visit to Nashville, highlighting the complexities he encountered and his tireless commitment to finding a solution for our customer.

Throughout the challenges faced, Donald’s dedication never wavered. He always put the customer’s needs first, ensuring their products functioned seamlessly. This exceptional level of customer service is the embodiment of VAULT’s mission and the core values we uphold.

At VAULT, we understand the significance of providing timely and effective POS system protection to ensure fast payments and transactions. Our customers rely on us for prompt assistance, and we promise to find solutions, no matter the obstacles we encounter. It is this commitment to excellence that sets VAULT apart, making us a reliable partner for our valued customers.

We take pride in delivering the best POS system protection for businesses and support, ensuring our customers’ success at every step of their journey. When you choose VAULT, you not only gain top-of-the-line products but also a partner who is dedicated to empowering your business to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace. Our innovative iPad POS cases, stands, mounts, and charging solutions are designed to enhance user experience and boost your business revenue. With VAULT, you have a partner who understands your needs and is always ready to provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Experience the VAULT difference and discover how our commitment to quality and innovation can transform your business operations. Choose VAULT, and together, let’s unlock your business’s true potential in today’s ever-evolving world of technology.

At VAULT, we empower businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace with our innovative solutions. Discover point of sale solutions for your business. Contact us today!