In the healthcare industry, ensuring devices are always charged and operational is more than just a matter of convenience—it’s a matter of patient safety and well-being. However, inside the bustling corridors of hospitals and clinics, a critical lifeline is often overlooked: charged and working devices.

Join us as we explore the day-to-day lives of healthcare professionals like nurses and clinicians. You’ll see how our cable-free solution keeps devices working and creates a seamless workflow.

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Shift Begins

Nurses and clinicians easily grab their charged and protected iPad or iPhone device from the dock and log into the hospital’s network. They can confidently use the device on the floor since its protected case is designed for up to 6-foot drops.

Patient Assignments

Quickly access the electronic health record system from anywhere to check patient assignments and log additional information (such as vital signs, medications and updated condition).

Medication Administration

Safely and securely verify medication orders and document medication administration in real-time on the iPhone and iPad device.

Communication and Coordination

Use secure messaging apps on the iPhone to communicate with healthcare team members and collaborate with physicians, pharmacists and other nurses to coordinate patient care plans.

Patient Education

Quickly access educational resources on the device to provide patients with helpful information, share instructional videos and more.

Documentation and Charting

Record nursing assessments, interventions, and patient responses accurately on the iPhone.

End of Shift

At the end of a long day, nurses and clinicians can complete end-of-shift documentation, including nursing notes and outstanding tasks, on the iPhone.

Since GoWork is designed to stand up to harsh chemicals, they can also follow proper protocols for sanitizing and disinfecting the device to prevent the spread of infections in the clinical environment.

VAULT GoWork: Grab. Go. GoWork.

From the beginning of the shift to when the lights go down at the hospital, GoWork gets you throughout the day. Everyday.

Learn more about how VAULT GoWork will help keep your devices charged and ready to work when you are. You can also get your VAULT GoWork today.